Soft power

In the modern world, the loss of state sovereignty is increasingly happening in a “peaceful” way. Controlling public opinion through the media and NCOs, the United States systematically deprives national states of sovereignty. Creating alternative social institutions allows you to design a unified system for an asymmetric response to the interventionists. Soft power is the creation of a network by a tool of social engineering, coordination and control over their activities in order to provide influence on a certain society.

  1. Making toolsWe have experience in creating funds, NCOs, trade unions, media, social media, sports clubs and other tools of soft power.

  2. Interaction with existing toolsNegotiating with existing soft power tools to incorporate them into the influence matrix. Such work significantly saves time deploying campaigns and costs in the early stages of work.

  3. Personnel reserve trainingEvaluation of prospects, the selection and training of leaders of organizations and functionaries ensures an increase in the effectiveness of campaigns and a reduction in costs.

  4. Assessment of the effectiveness of toolsFor each cluster of tools, we developed a separate methodology for evaluating performance. With its help, it is possible to evaluate the effectiveness of each tool separately, objectively and qualitatively compare the tools both within our matrix and with the tools of the interventionists.

  5. Analysis and adjustment of working circuits. We can assess the already operating system of tools, including an analysis of the relevance of its structure, interaction efficiency, vulnerability to threats and other indicators.