Social Engineering

Using social engineering, it is possible to model the structure of social consciousness in the future. Even 20-30 years ago, social recoding processes took decades. Today, using modern technology and manipulation, we see how social programmers achieve significant success over the years, and viral technologies carry people along in days. Planned and targeted provision of socio-cultural interests anywhere in the world with the help of the tools of the influence matrix.

  1. Strategy DevelopmentIdentifying and formulating the right long-term goals of social engineering is a key element of this work. Social engineering is a strategic fundamental process, the results of which lay the groundwork for promising success.

  2. Determination of the main areas of workAfter developing a strategy in social engineering, an important role is played by the correct identification of the enemy’s vulnerabilities. Our methodology in this matter includes 19 areas to obtain the most accurate result.

  3. Develop a campaign planCampaigns are the basic units of social engineering at the tactical level. We have experience in developing campaign plans, taking into account the capabilities of existing networks, the prospects for incorporating new tools into the work, as well as the effective combination of activities.

  4. Monitoring the implementation of campaignsOur control methods include both objective and high-quality KPIs. Thanks to this unique system, you can accurately determine the real effectiveness of campaigns.

  5. TrainingsIn social engineering, the human factor has a great importance. The constant development of the competences of the performers provides a competitive advantage and a qualitatively different result, helping to save the system from the “casus of the performer”.