Democracy is
the illusion of equality,
by public


The firm - Social engineering agency

The first organization, which is systematically engaged in the analysis and implementation of social programming technologies

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The task of social engineering is to quietly change the social, historical, economic, and other codes of society. Therefore, people often don’t see the causal relationships between events, don’t stand the general logic of processes, concentrating only on specific things. The materials of this rubric show the general principles, mechanisms and results that are sought by interested people with the help of social engineering techniques. Having studied the practices of external influence, already in the medium-term time intervals one can see the high efficiency of such work.
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Every day hundreds of events happen in the world, some explode the information space, others are little discussed. Units understand what their real purpose is, what they are created for, and who puts the accents. We will reveal only a part of the secret algorithms of influence and causal mechanisms. By programming social change, the interested parties remain behind the scenes and launch the trends they need into society. Often, NСOs and activists act as tools, not realizing their role in this party.
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