Color revolution resistance

Directions of the resolution – after conducting a structural analysis of 50 color revolutions, we generated 7 main directions of the CR, which consist of 170 elements.

By applying these algorithms, we can accurately predict which direction will become a priority for the interventionists and which preventive tactics should be applied to reduce the effect of a possible catalyst for the color revolution.

The unlimited attempts of the color revolutions – interventionists consistently go to their goal – the seizure of control over the country with the help of social engineering of society, accelerating this process with color revolutions. Using the example of Armenia, we can trace the essence of the general strategy of the interventionists: it lies in the systematic destabilization of the situation in the state, the number of attempts to build up can be unlimited, their methodology and tools are very extensive and are constantly being improved. Attempts will continue until the desired result is achieved – elimination of the undesirable mode.

A protest catalyst is an incident or event that contributes to the acceleration of the protest reaction in the recipient country, injected with the tools of the Matrix of influence. Sometimes the catalyst is not part of the large protest campaign of the interventionists, but serves as a direct reason for inflating an open protest – seizing the streets by collecting an aggressive crowd.

The dynamics of the political process is accelerating and the release of steam is needed. The interventionists use it for their own purposes, transforming public discontent into a street protest.

When configuring information campaigns and comparative analysis, we predict possible variants of a catalyst for stopping or blocking it.

Stages of revolutionary activity, we have identified 9 consecutive stages of color revolutions. In addition, we identified the mechanisms for implementing the strategy at each of the stages.

For effective resistance to color revolutions, we have singled out the features and patterns of behavior of the interventionist tools. Using a set of algorithms, we make a forecast of the action of the main tools of the interventionists and the campaign to discredit the government. It is important to react at every stage to provocations and attempts to destabilize the situation in society.

The influence matrix is a diagram of the analysis of tools, activities and methods of interventionists. The matrix is designed to determine the effective model of protection against social engineering technologies, it helps to reveal tasks, tool clusters, mechanics and details of the work of the interventionists in the recipient country. By revealing the network interconnection system and the strength of each of the tools, one can determine who will be the main actor of the color revolution.

The main tool clusters are Funds, NCOs, media, social media, brain centers, etc.  All tools created to organize and support the color revolution. Thanks to modern technologies, their activities are coordinated and interconnected on a horizontal level without a clear vertical of power to achieve maximum effect. It is important to open and determine the organizational structures for blocking and stopping the activities carried out on the basis of cluster analysis of tools.

The protest infrastructure, the system of life support of the protest, is a complex, expensive and key mechanism of any color revolution, including everything necessary to protest: from the inventory and supply of hot food to the protesters to maintaining discipline in the camp.

Revolutionary methods. Color revolutions in different countries were modeled and implemented on the same methodical basis. The whole process is constructed according to a single system, in which the government is unable to adequately resist the changing rules of interaction with society. Realizing the ideology of non-violent methods, the opposition gradually limits the possibility of using force.

Nonviolent struggle includes methods by which individuals and independent institutions can, in the interests of democracy, limit or cut off the sources of power of the ruling elite, jeopardizing its ability to dominate.

The illusory society is constructed model of the semantic dominance of social institutions in the recipient country is created to change cultural and social codes. All tools are visually amorphous, but due to the use of network technologies of interaction, the connections between them are deliberately structured and established. They are most effective if they consist of countless, small, scattered network units of NCOs, the media, BCs and human rights defenders whose forces converge towards the goal from numerous directions.

Their main task is to coordinate a strike on a necessary target, quickly and imperceptibly unite around it, then disengage and re-dissipate, while remaining ready to reunite for a new strike.

The spiral of silence is an individual, when he feels that attitudes that dominate the society, or are spread by experts and the media, or shared by their closest environment, contradict his own position, try to avoid expressing his position. It’s important to note that the stronger, more widespread the mass point of view, the more strongly people representing a different position “fall silent” in fear of isolating, ignoring or disapproving their opinions. That is, if an individual discovers that his installations and representations are not widely spread, then most likely he will not express them openly.

The spiral of silence has power over society for a certain amount of time, it’s strongly influenced by the media and experts, and the fact that the problem around which a spiral is formed must necessarily have two opposing sides, otherwise the spiral won’t activated.

The funnel of protest is a technology of transformation of protest mood in actions of direct action against the government.

With each level it influences public opinion more, forming the necessary value constructions (systems) and drawing in an ever wider circle of participants.

The government finds itself in a situation where each level of the funnel aggravates the crisis, and it becomes harder and harder to stop or loop the process.

Functionaries and key points, any revolution is being prepared for a long time. Leaders are always in sight, but the main function in the preparation and implementation of protest is performed by functionaries. Recognizing the images and functional tasks of each of them allows one to exclude from the chain, thereby weakening the structure of the color revolution. Simulation and comparative analysis allows you to determine the nodal points of the network of non-public pressure tools, and blocking or breaking their connections violates the designed protest system.

Psychology of the masses is formed by the tools of persuasive communications programming the necessary messages on a subconscious level. A structureless temporary cluster of people with a single emotional state and an object of attention is divided into groups according to the degree of controllability.

In the “collective thinking” of the masses, the intellectual abilities of individuals disappear, people turn into a single whole, and unconscious qualities take over. Synthesis of the basic laws of social behavior of groups of people in a crowd allows you to correctly respond to the situation.

Crowd manipulation is the mechanism of the latent mental effects on the subconscious of people in a crowd. Modern technologies of manipulation make it possible to use universal and individual social and psychological laws, uniting the tendency of increasing the irrationality of the individual’s behavior in the mass, creating the necessary attitudes of crowd behavior and directing its aggressive actions.

Revolutionary marketing — having transformed pre-election marketing, the interventionists created a new system for promoting the brand’s revolutionary character, systematically determining the approach to identifying or shaping citizens ’interests, values ​​and expectations. At the subconscious level, it forms the image of a fashion brand and the saviors of the country’s future from the protest movement, and power is driven into the framework of corruption and authoritarianism.

Effective tactics to counter the invaders. Based on the practice of modern unarmed aggression and the experience of our work (activity page), we have compiled a list of methods for blocking interventionist activities. In addition, we derived the rules for color revolutions. One of them: the number of attempts to build up the situation is unlimited (page attempts). They will be repeated until they succeed, and until the infrastructure allows.