X-ray analysis

Every day people get megabytes of informational content, which day after day forms their consciousness. Having experience in the field of social engineering, we will help analyze the society in your region, identify the matrix of external influence, identify the most vulnerable places, develop and implement an information campaign plan. A special methodology for analyzing the activities of the interventionists in a particular society. 

  • Structural analysis of the influence on the recipient country by the interventionists.
  • The matrix of influence is ​​a scheme for analyzing the tools, activities and methods of the interventionists. The matrix is ​​designed to determine the effective model of protection against social engineering technologies, it helps to reveal tasks, tool clusters, mechanics and details of the work of the interventionists in the recipient country.
  • The map of campaigns is a system of tools used by invaders to accomplish the tasks set, through the mechanisms of activities in specific information companies. Visualization demonstrates interconnection, coordination, and cumulative effect. Through such analytics, you can identify clusters and nodal campaign tools for social engineering society.
  • Objective analysis includes a number of methods and indicators such as Toxicity, Impressions and Impact. Thanks to these methods, it is possible to precisely determine the contribution of each instrument to the work on the impact on society.
  • Cluster analysis of the Matrix of influence. A unique development that allows with a high degree of accuracy to determine the strategy and main directions of the intervention, to identify the features of each cluster separately, to predict further actions. This will provide an opportunity to effectively allocate resources and efforts to counter in these areas.
  • The structure of persuasive communication is the method of determining the basic transponders of information. The analysis allows to determine the degree of conservatism of individual social groups and the degree of information influence on them. Identifies the necessary communication tools and effective mechanisms for persuasive communication.
  • An illusory society — a constructed model of the semantic dominance of social institutions in the recipient country — is created to change cultural and social codes. Especially effective in the information society. These tools are visually amorphous, but thanks to the use of network-centric interaction technologies, the links between them are deliberately structured and established. They are most effective if they consist of countless, small, scattered network units of NCOs, the media, BCs and human rights defenders whose forces converge towards the goal from numerous directions.
  • Their main task is to coordinate a strike on a necessary target, quickly and imperceptibly unite around it, then disengage and re-dissipate, while remaining ready to reunite for a new strike.
  • The Semantic Matryoshka is a method of stepwise disclosure of the goals of an instrument or campaigns that are fundamental to the technology of manipulation of democratic images. Disguised as basic principles of human rights and freedoms, they carry destructive principles. Using the method, you can open them at an early stage of activity and supervise the spread of influence on society.
  • The spiral of silence is an individual, when he feels that attitudes that dominate society, either spread by experts and the media, or shared by their closest environment, contradict their own position, to try avoid expressing their position. It is important to note that the stronger, more widespread the mass point of view, the more strongly people representing a different position “fall silent” in fear of isolating, ignoring or disapproving their opinions. That is, if an individual discovers that his installations and representations are not widely spread, then most likely he will not express them openly.
  • The spiral of silence has power over society for some specific time, it is strongly influenced by the media and experts, and the fact that the problem around which the spiral is formed must necessarily have two opposing sides, otherwise the spiral won’t be activated.
  • Social analytics of the Big data —  tools, approaches and methods for processing both structured and unstructured data for specific purposes to change the socio-cultural codes of society.